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November 19, 2009
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Doll - Princess of the Circus by ClamWings Doll - Princess of the Circus by ClamWings
Finally a full body shot of this costume! It's a bit tricky to wear with the ballet shoes, and incredibly limited sight, and feathers tickling whoever stands on your left...not to mention insanely poofy skirt! *dies* But I do love her and this costume/design to bits!

Any pointers on my fail-post-processing welcome! I think the graphic designer in me got slaughtered by the inner-cosplayer somewhere along the way....

The main fabric is a cream panama which is lined in cotton, polarfleece and lining material depending on where it is, as well as re-inforced with shape-forming material *and* interfacing. Everything had to be drafted and patterned to be incredibly tight fitting and work with the panama being interfaced so that it had a bulk that'd sit nice and form the curves on the bodice and edge of the dress nicely. The dress has a functional corset back with the boning inserted into the lining.

My arm puffs are essentially the same pattern as Tutu's (which took me a while to re-figure out n_n;) with the scalloped lace hand painted from white to cream to match the panama (which is the same stuff that ~warui-chan used for her Dagger's reverse-waistcoat! The striped waist sash is also hand-made with all the stripes being machine embroidered. The major roses on the bottom of the dress are partially modified with extra hand-made and painted petals so that they're larger. They're also attatched to the crinoline that gives the skirt it's shape. Also, all the roses have tiny little diamontes individually glued onto them for extra sparkle~

My beloved parasol (which is currently broken ;^;) was a very heavily modified umbrella - my dad and I had to lengthen the shaft and turn a new handle with that little tassel. The spokes also had to be cut back, painted and re-covered with cotton lycra which then had white fringe and cluny lace hand sewn onto it.

Doll's shoes are actually modified ballet shoes - they were painted white with specialized leather paint, and modified with roses (that match the waist sash) as well as insaaanely long ties (IIRC, each one's 4-5 metres long). My striped sock was also self made (because eBay hates me XD) and attached to the sock toppers and garters so everything sits nicely.

The headress started out by taking a plaster mould of my head, papier mache-ing over that, and then attatching about 3-4 different kinds of roses onto it for organic variety. The ostritch plumes, hand-beaded crystals and matching panama ties were then attatched. The bow ties work withthe opening of the neck corset which was patterned through draping and features matching lace from the rest of the outfit, as well as panama-covered buttons.

Phew...I think that's all! Sorry for the TL;DR! ;_;

Won Best Group (with ~warui-chan) at Melbourne Armageddon and Best Group (with ~warui-chan, ~K-chan009, *cescat and ~yiji) at eGames.
Photo credit to :iconneilcreek: @ [link]
Post processing by myself
Brush credit to ~kaedeki and ~Scully7491
Location: Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne
Doll: :iconclamwings:
Make up: :iconwarui-chan:

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Doll is from Kuroshitsuji (manga; Noah's Arc Circus) which belongs to Yana Toboso.
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zephn356 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2014  Professional Photographer

You might want to check out before Nov 14th this would fit.

Litle-Noa Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I wanted to ask you something about this costume since I'm about to make it myself and wanted some advice :) (yours is amazing btw!)
Could you tell me a little more about how you got the skirt to poof upwards like that?(I'm not sure what panama is, never heard from it before but maybe it's called something different in my native language)
also, is it easy to put the paper maché hat on and off? I first made a plaster hat with the idea of using that as the base but since it's pretty heavy and absolutely not bendable I'm looking into other ways
finally, my friend(who will cosplay smile) and I are trying to find vertically striped socks(since we both need one) but can't find them anywhere, did you buy yours or make them yourself?
again, the costume is amazing! I hope you will reply to this :)
bunifu Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014
Very pretty!
StillDollArtist Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2014
This is so beautiful! ;-; 
Job well done on this cosplay! Amazing! :D (Big Grin) 
i was wondering if you had a pattern for this cosplay, i'm wanting to be able to make a costume like this but i have NO idea where to start .-. 
If you could help me that would be awesome ^^
 This would be the first cosplay for me to make and i'd really appreciate the help ^-^" 
Izumi-Kaede Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2013

love your costume~ 

if i may ask, do you have an exact pattern or the dress / neck thingy /sleeves? 

i'm at a loss of what to do for her dress. i was thinking of using satin, but am not sure. this will be the first cosplay i am making, so that's why i'm asking all these questions. ^-^'
NokithePoliceGirl Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2012
How did you make the hat?
bunnychii Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This looks so cool O_O
Asamiya-Zaoldyeck Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Fantastic. *-*
InsanityForTheNation Featured By Owner May 7, 2011
Soooooo great!!!
Yukiria Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2011  Student Digital Artist
I think I already commented this picture but whatever, who cares?
I'm still totaly in love with your costume, it's just the most awesome Doll-cosplay I ever saw.

I actually planed to try making my own for a convention, but the more I look at yours, the more I go "Gosh... I'm never gonna be able to make it. x') ".
Well, I think I'll try it, who knows what will come out of it. Even if the only things I sewed till now are plushies. :D
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